Korea Promotes Two Austrian Nuns for the Nobel Peace Prize  

Dr. Heinz Fischer welcomed the Former Prime Minister of the Republic of South Korea, H.E. Kim Hwang-sik at the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens in Vienna.

The former Korean Prime Minister visited the Centre with a delegation from South Korea´s Jeollanamdo province a day after they had a meeting with his Holiness, Pope Francis in the Vatican in Rome.

H.E. Kim Hwang-sik and Heinz Fischer, former President of Austria and co-chairman of the Ban Ki-moon Centre spoke about the current situation in North and South Korea and the theme of global citizenship. In addition, the Korean delegation presented the ongoing South Korean effort of promoting and commemorating the outstanding humanitarian work of two Austrian nurses Marianne Stöger and Margaret Pissarek on the isolated island Sorodko, caring for thousands of leprosy infected Korean patients.

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of South Korea, H.E. Kim Hwang-sik, Co-Chairman Heinz Fischer, CEO Monika Frohler and members of the South Korean Delegation.

The Korean government is in the process of recommending the two Austrian nurses as candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize to honour their more than 40 years of dedication to leprosy patients.

Initiatives to commemorate the two women have grown nationwide in Korea over the last few years. For example, in April 2016, the nurses were invited by the Sorokdo National Hospital, Sorokdo Catholic Church and Goheung County to attend the hospital’s centennial anniversary. Ms Stoeger attended the event, while Ms Pissarek was unable to attend due to illness.

Vienna’s Urania Cinema screened a two-hour documentary entitled “Marianne and Margaret”, about the nuns’ efforts on the Korean island in the evening and the movie was shown publicly on Korean and Austrian TV before.

The Austrian Newspaper Kurier had the opportunity of speaking to H.E.  Kim Hwang-sik during his visit to Vienna.