Ban Ki-moon speaks of the urgency for climate adaptation at the Korea Global Adaptation Week

During this week from April 8th to 12th, 2019, the “Korea Global Adaptation Week” is taking place in Incheon, South Korea.

The week-long conference is hosted by the Korean Ministry of Environment and co-organized by UN Climate Change (UNFCCC), Korea Environment Institute (KEI), Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change (KACCC), and Incheon Metropolitan CityExperts and global leaders meeting at the Korea Global Adaptation Week have urged countries to increase their climate ambition and to scale up their efforts to build resilience to the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

At the opening, BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon expressed his concern that the climate issue is not an issue of tomorrow.

“We have no other place to leave,” said Ban, encouraging all global citizens around the globe “to pay attention to the necessity of urgency and coordinated efforts for adaptation especially in least developed countries and small island developing states.”

For the first time, Resilience Frontiers – an initiative undertaken by multiple agencies – gathered a hundred thought leaders for foresight and collective thinking on how to maximize long-term resilience to climate change!by harnessing the potential of emerging technologies and new sustainability trends, while mitigating associated risks. Marking the 25th Anniversary of UNFCCC this year, Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa also stressed that the climate action is more urgent than ever.


Photo by UN Climate Change

Remarkable Stories of People Who Created the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement of 2015 is an agreement made by leaders from all around the world within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and a remarkable example of collective leadership. Over several years, thousands of individuals and organizations altogether have created synergy to contribute to achieving global goals, and as of June 2018, 195 UNFCCC members have signed the agreement.

“The Paris Agreement provides a viable blueprint to mitigate the serious threats to our planet. It sets clear targets to restrict rising temperatures, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and facilitate climate-resilient development and green growth,” said Ban Ki-moon.

“Profiles of Paris” is a story-telling project initiated to further spread the importance of the Paris Agreement and to raise awareness on climate change. The project collected remarks of the global leaders in order to encourage collaboration in any area and to bring the world closer together to solve the global issues by reflecting the mistakes of the past and coming up with global solutions.

“We must remember that our work is not done yet. Indeed, the Paris Agreement is only the starting point. We need to continue to galvanize further climate action and elevate collective efforts to implement the Paris Agreement,” said Ban.

“The bottom line is that we don´t have a Plan B, because we don’t have a Planet B.”