Global citizenship is a rallying call and a unifying concept for engagements that support solutions to today´s global challenges. All people have a stake in advancing the urgent and universal goal of a more sustainable and peaceful global future, the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The challenges faced by the world today are growing ever more interconnected, complex and cross-cutting. Matters of international peace and security, climate change, human rights, equal opportunities, unemployment, migration and refugees, disarmament and violent extremism, etc. affect us all. Solutions need the participation of everyone and need to empower those that are often not yet part of the decision- making process, particularly women and young people.

Our vision is of a world where people live in peace, conscious of their common humanity and their shared responsibilities for each other, for the planet and for future generations. We see a world in which there is universal respect for human rights; in which poverty has been eliminated and in which people are free from fear and oppression and are able to fulfil their true potential as global citizens.

The Values

The Ban Ki-moon Centre of Global Citizens upholds values of justice, solidarity, equality and a determination to work for peace and human rights.