“Climate Justice 4 All – An Approach to Intersectional and Feminist Climate Action” is a series of seven webinars that will take place in 2021 aiming at empowering activists, academia, policymakers, and civil society in using climate advocacy and implementation strategies in the framework of the SDGs through an intersectional feminist lens.

The actual realities of people experiencing climate change are often overlooked, with women and children, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC), LGBTQIA+ communities, people with disabilities, and many more lacking a seat at environmental decision-making and negotiation tables. By acknowledging structural inequalities, we lay the groundwork for intersectional and effective climate action that benefits all.  

Each event focuses on knowledge exchange, joint learning, the creation of safe spaces, and networking. The goal is to open the floor to as many people as possible to be heard but also to make people listen to topics they usually avoid or are simply not aware of.

After completion of the webinar series, participants are prepared to explore holistic approaches to climate action and implement climate justice projects in a creative and impactful way. Knowledge exchange coupled with capacity-building and empowerment creates a set of tools to effectively tackle climate injustice.

The webinar series created by the Ban Ki-moon Centre and Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy is supported RELX SDG Resource Hub. At the end of the series, both organizations will jointly publish a policy briefing, including a call to action and further reading recommendations. An additional product outcome will be a video guide to intersectional and feminist climate action.


Webinar 1: Theory and Groundwork

Hosted by CFFP 

Introduction to intersectional thought, the interconnectedness of the climate crisis, systemic inequality, and marginalized climate activism.


Dr. Priscilla Achakpa

Webinar 1 kick-started the climate justice series with a lecture by Dr. Priscilla Achakpa on the topic of intersectionality and its relevance for the dialogue about climate action. “Everything we do is interconnected” best summarizes Dr. Achakpa’s theoretical insights into intersectionalism and the crucial role of women and marginalized communities in tackling the climate emergency. The audience actively engaged by asking questions and seeking recommendations on how to effectively lead inclusive climate movements

* This webinar is over.  You can watch the recording of Webinar 1 below.


Webinar 2: From Theory to Praxis

Hosted by BKMC 

How to get environmental demands onto decision-making tables. Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of inclusive and climate-friendly action. 


Eriel Deranger, David LammyKavita Naidu

* This webinar is over.  You can watch the recording of Webinar 2 below.


Webinar 3: Feminist Foreign Policy and Climate Justice

Hosted by CFFP 

How to implement international climate agreements (like the Paris Treaty) with an intersectional feminist approach and challenge the climate crisis as a parameter for conflict and migration. Feminist Foreign Policy as means to rebalance power inequalities in the fight against climate change.  

25 May 2021

17:00 – 18:30 CET

Webinar 4: SDGs and Global Citizenship

Hosted by BKMC 

Introduction to the SDGs and global citizenship. The interconnectedness of the SDGs is crucial for a holistic view of the climate crisis. SDG micro-projects as a “think global” approach.  

29 June 2021

17:00 – 18:30 CET

Webinar 5: Environmental racism and amplifying BIPoC knowledge

Hosted by CFFP 

Learning more about the deep roots and effects of environmental racism, how BIPoC knowledge can teach us about and guide us towards climate justice, and young BIPoC climate activists leading the way. This is a BIPoC event only.  

Webinar 6: Creative communication strategies

Hosted by BKMC 

Acknowledging the intersections of art, activism, climate change, and environmental justice as effective awareness-raising strategies. Art and design-based methods to engage more people in the climate discourse.  

Webinar 7: Inspiration Talk and Community Strengthening

Hosted by BKMC and CFFP 

Learn from young passionate climate activists about their ambitions, challenges, and recommendations. This peer-to-peer exchange aims to inspire and end the webinar series with a feeling of unity and solidarity for the common cause of climate justice.