The Ban Ki-moon Centre partcipated in the GenZ Solvers Interactive

The Ban Ki-moon Centre partcipated in the GenZ Solvers Interactive initiative.

  The “Gen-Z Solvers Interactive” organized by Worldview Education facilitates inspiring and informative dialogues for Generation Z times of Covid and in a post COVID era. By bringing together stakeholders from academiaindustrycivil societygovernments the dialogues will focus on 21st-century issues. As the Ban Ki-moon Centre for global citizens we joined the conversations with two sessions.  
The first live webinar that happened on April 29th was on the topic of gender equality and diversity, our COO Katrin Harvey, Sarena Bahad founder of WomenInTech and Gender Consultant Apurva Vurity joined as panelists. The speakers discussed the role of women throughout history and how we can take action to be a change-makers. You can watch the full session right here.           The second live webinar which took place on April 30th was curated and hosted by the Ban Ki-moon Centre. The interactive panel using Mentimeter to engage the GenZ solvers into the discussion was on global citizenship in times of pandemic. Our CEO Monika Froehler, Communications Officer Katre Olmez and Intern Jeehae Choi talked about the global citizenship mindset, the influence of the pandemic on our lives and the role culture plays when their is a global crisis. The participants were able to ask live questions. You can watch the session right here. You can find out more about Worldview Education here.