BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon Delivers a Keynote Speech at the International Forum on Air Pollution and Climate Change

“We are victims of air pollution and climate change, but we should not forget that we are also perpetrators.”

On November 4, as the Chairman of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality, BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon attended the International Forum on Air Pollution and Climate Change held in Seoul, South Korea.

“The global challenges that we face today is through solidarity. Global challenges require global solutions and global partnership. By presenting a platform for the exchange of experiences and know-how, we can advance our collective progress in identifying concrete solutions that will yield tangible results.”

During the opening keynote, Co-chair Ban called for responsible actions to let the future generation breathe clean air and said,

“To give a sustainable and clean future to the next generation, we must fulfill our responsibilities and correct the wrong choices and mistakes of the past.”

The National Council on Climate and Air Quality, chaired by former BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon, earlier proposed measures to cut South Korea’s fine dust by up to 20 percent later this year as well.

“We need more rapid and bold measures to resolve the fine dust problem and respond to climate change.”

Meanwhile, Minister Li Ganjie from Ministry of Environment of China also introduced China’s efforts to improve air quality. “China plans to place top priority in tackling air pollution and climate change and expand cooperation and exchanges with other nations,” Li said.

At the forum, Korea and China signed a “clear sky” action plan for a joint cooperative environment project between the two countries. The project calls for both nations to exchange technology and personnel and cooperate to curb the fallout of air pollution.

With increasing interest in the health impacts of air pollution around the world, the forum emphasized the need for the global partnership among states. Also, the forum participants voiced out that in order to resolve the fine dust in Northeast Asia, it is important to share the view that collective action is a common interest, and to deepen cooperation in the scientific and research fields to build trust in the region.

Source KBS, Korea Herald

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