BKMC and UNESCO APCEIU launch an online course on Global Citizenship and the SDGs

On September 30th, 2019, the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens in cooperation with the GCED Online Campus team of UNESCO APCEIU launched the first collaborative online course titled:
“Becoming Global Citizens for a Sustainable Society”
The course introduces the SDGs and the notion of global citizenship through the series of lectures by renowned experts from all over the world, interviews with scholars, advocates and representatives from all different sectors, and case presentations by active global citizens. With the course, the Ban Ki-moon Centre aims to examine and critically reflect on the revolving issues around the globe at local, national, and global levels. By introducing the best practices from different parts of the world, the course also encourages learners to take actions as global citizens to reach sustainable development for all. Following topics will be discussed throughout the course ㆍ Global Citizenship and the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) ㆍ Global Citizenship in a Challenging World ㆍ Act to Change: Global Citizenship for Transformation ㆍ Meet the Global Citizens around the World ㆍ Plan for Action: Becoming Active Global Citizens
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