COVID-19 stands poised to cause a far-reaching economic depression and a tragically high number of deaths. Its impact will be felt in every corner of the world. To combat this historic threat, leaders must urgently put aside narrow nationalism and short-term, selfish considerations to work together in the common interest of all humanity. 

We also urge global leaders, led by the U.N., to consider how to develop a global governance system that can cope more effectively with any pandemics that may occur in the future. They should recommit to the values of the U.N. Charter, and use other multi-lateral bodies—including the G-20, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank—to proactively support the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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The BKMC will continue its mission towards the implementation of the SDGs, multilateralism, women, and youth empowerment and supporting education for global citizenship. The BKMC integrates particularly SDG 3 activities on health and well-being in its work and combines it with efforts mitigating COVID-19 effects on women empowerment, gender equality, and young people.



‘I Was the Secretary-General of the U.N. Here’s How the Coronavirus Crisis Can Bring the World Together’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon

Thomson Reuters Foundation

‘To avert a COVID-triggered famine, our global food systems need to change’

op-ed by by Ban Ki-moon and Dag-Inge Ulstein

CNN Opinion

‘Will we learn lessons for tackling climate change from our current crisis?’


Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon and Patrick Verkooijen


‘The Lesson from COVID-19 is that We Need More, Not Less, Global Cooperation’


Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon

The Guardian

‘Ban Ki-moon and Global Leaders urge G20 to tackle twin health and economic crises’


Letter from 165 global leaders 

The Star

‘I have always emphasized that problems of global scale require solutions of global scale’


Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon


‘Coronavirus Is A Warning To Us All: We Must Heal Nature In Order To Heal Ourselves’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon

Women on Duty during COVID19

CEO Monika Froehler had an interview with Polish journalist and bloger Anna Kowalczyk about working during COVID19 and measures taken in Austria.

Die Presse

‘It is in Our Hands. The tasks we are now facing are huge, but not impossible.’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon and Heinz Fischer


Globalization’s Impact on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Interview with Ban Ki-moon


‘China’s coronavirus response ‘inadequate’ says ex-UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon’


The Ban Ki-moon Foundation for Better Future and ‘Good Neighbors’ have donated masks and protection gears to a hospital in South Korea.


‘It is critical to design our Covid-19 recovery for green challenges.’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon


‘President Trump’s North Korea Summits Gave Kim Jong Un ‘de Facto Nuclear State Status.’

Interview with Co-chair Ban Ki-moon


‘Nuclear proliferation needs a multilateral response just as much as the coronavirus pandemic’

Op-ed by Co-chair Ban Ki-moon


‘We need to bridge Africa’s data gap to strengthen food, health and economic security, and overcome a predicted continent-wide recession’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon & Patrick Verkooijen

The Guardian

I’m bewildered that Trump would imperil America by abandoning the Paris agreement

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon


‘ To Honor the Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 Years on, We Must Lay Down Our Nuclear Weapons’

Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon


‘The world has placed billions of people under lock-down, closed international borders, suspended trade & temporarily shut down industries – but has not managed to suspend armed conflicts.’

By Edith M. Lederer | AP


Implementing The SDGs

The cooperation between the BKMC and Bildungsdirektion Wien aims to promote the education of SDGs in Viennese schools.

Conversations with Global Leaders

BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon and board member Jeffrey Sachs held a live interview “Conversations with Global Leaders.”

Free Online GCED Courses

We are promoting our free online courses on GCED especially for people in home quarantine all around the world.

Global Citizen Fellowship

Adapted the program to international travel restrictions and adjusted SDG micro-projects to predate the physical gathering.

IIASA|ISC Consultative Platform

Ban Ki-moon is the honorary patron of the joint IIASA and ISC consultative science platform network for a post-COVID world.

Mentoring Austrian Muslim Women

The program coordinated with Muslim Youth Austria is converted to an online space for 22 mentees and mentors.


GenZ Solvers COVID Panels

Organized by Worldview Education the panels facilitated inspiring dialogues for Generation Z in times of Covid and in a post COVID era.

Meeting with the Erasmus Mundus Students

The Erasmus MUNDUS MAPP students learned about our Centre’s work on various COVID projects and programs.

Education in the Times of Corona

The online panel was organized by the Online Education Leadership Forum on the topic of education during COVID19 and in a post pandemic world.

Happiness & Sustainability Around the Earth

The panel hosted by the SDG Academy, reviewed the role of Education for Sustainable Development in achieving a sustainable and happy world.

Scout Jamboree on the Internet!

Scouting from home! Due to COVID19 Jamboree was moved online and our Co-chair Ban Ki-moon addressed the scouts via a video message at the #JOTI.


The International Security Dialogues on Gender Equality

During the online panel organized by ISCAN , CEO Monika Froehler discussed how gender equality makes peace and security measures more IDEAL.

UN75 Conversation: Rethinking Climate

Co-chair Ban spoke at an online dialogue “75 Minutes of Conversation: Rethinking Our Climate”, on the topic; “The Role of Universities in Combating Climate Change”.

The SDG Impact of COVID-19

CEO Monika Froehler shares her view on SDG Impact of COVID-19 on a podcast hosted by RELX’s Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Dr Márcia Balisciano.

GGGI 7th Green Round Table

Co-chair Ban Ki-moon delivered congratulatory remarks at the seventh ‘Green Round Table’ hosted by Global Green Growth Institute as their President and Chair.

IE University

‘A conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:  Making sense of the world we live in’

Call with Susana Malcorra, Dean of IE School of Global and Public Affairs


Co-chairman Heinz Fischer remarks for the Eurasian Economic Summit 2020

“I wish that Turkey – with its great historic past- ethink and renew its relationship he European community on the basis of democracy, rule of law and mutual respect.”a key message from Co-chair Heinz Fischer’s speech.

Co-chairman Ban Ki-moon on CNBC Conversation

“I’m really urging the United States to really show their global leadership based on global vision as they did when they were leading this establishment, founding the United Nations 75 years ago,” Ban Ki-moon told CNBC.

Co-chairman Ban Ki-moon COVID-19 Response

‘The Ban Ki-moon Centre wants to thank all those incredibly brave people everywhere: health workers, doctors, nurses, care takers, police force, scientists, people working for keeping systems intact … simply all people who act responsibly and who selflessly help without endangering others.’ Ban Ki-moon

Co-chairman Heinz Fischer COVID-19 Response

Our Co-chair Heinz Fischer calls for worldwide solidarity in our fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. Thanking everybody for their help and support, he reminds us no one must be left behind.

Leadership is crucial in times of crises. Watch and share the video to inspire someone today.

Message of Solidarity to the African Union Youth Envoy

Co-chair Ban Ki-moon sent a message of solidarity during the COVID-19 crisis to AU Youth EnvoyAya Chebbi. He thanked Ms Chebbi noting “Africa is a booming continent with the biggest young generation we have ever witnessed. The active engagement of young people will be vital to addressing this global crisis.”

The Safe Hands Challenge

Co-chair Ban Ki-moon shows how you should wash your hands, according to World Health Organization (WHO)‘s guideline.

Wash your hands regularly, often, and thoroughly to stay safe.

Message for UN Global Compact

Co-chair Ban Ki-moon spoke at the UN Global Compact online Leaders’ Summit, highlighting the role businesses can play in building a global consensus on climate mitigation and adaptation, made even more crucial in a post COVID-19 world.