“Environmental and Socioeconomic Sustainability: How to Create Lasting Impacts.”

Successful Implementation of SDG 11: Best Practices and Cases 

 In 2019, The Ban Ki-moon Centre strengthened its collaboration with the Regional Academy of the United Nations (RAUN), an international and multi-disciplinary program established in 2012 that provides a forum for youth to discuss issues related to the UN and international affairs.   

This year the Centre mentored three young researchers who were asked to produce an academic paper on a topic related to “Environmental and Socioeconomic Sustainability: How to Create Lasting Impacts.”  

Check out the program flyer here.

Read the full paper here. 

Jakub Adamec (Prague), Eva-Maria Holzinger (Vienna) and Christopher Paul Franz (Hamburg) selected and analysed sustainable city projects in their respective hometowns and defined best practices and sustainability. Based on their research, they developed a set of recommendations for how successful projects could be replicated.   

The results of their paper “Successful Implementation of SDG 11: Best Practices and Cases” aim to support local actors to contribute to a sustainable city transformation and the implementation of SDG 11.  

“With this leaflet, we hope to support and motivate aspiring project leaders, policy makers and every citizen, wherever they may be. Create and develop your idea for a sustainable city with the support of our best practice recommendations and help transform our world.” 


The researchers were mentored by the BKMC throughout the process and their research will be forwarded to partners of the BKMC such as Stadt Wien and SDG relevant groups interested in SDG community projects in urban areas. 

If you are interested in learning more about SDG 11, contact the researchers via SDG11BestPractice@gmail.com or read the full paper here.