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BKMC Resources

Explore our Austrian and international SDG resources including institutions, publications and video platforms. Go to the resource center.

Online Courses

The Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens has produced three online courses together with partners such as the Yonsei University and APCEIU. The courses are free and self-paced. They also include an open forum where learners and educators can communicate with each other and actively share their own opinions about the discussion topics. Go to the courses. 

Explore the SDGs

Increase and expand your knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals with the Relx SDG Resource center. Get free access to articles, news, events and tools related to the global goals. Go to the resource center.

Must Read List

Check out some of the favorite reads of our team.

Sex and World Peace
I am Malala
J Sachs The Age of Sustainable Development
What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea
Empowering Global Citizens Fernando Reimes
Mighty Be Our Powers

Must Watch List

Check out some of the favorite movies of our team.

Female Pleasure
The Breadwinner
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Period. End of Sentence
Activate The Global Citizen Movement
City of Joy
Pad Man

Global Citizenship Initiatives Portal (GCI)

The portal lists fellowships, academic programs and on-going initiatives for global citizenship world-wide. You can search for initiatives all around the globe and discover opportunities to engage as global citizens.Go to the portal.