Program Officer Julia Zimmerman & GC Scholar Ruvimbo Samanga at Goals Afrika Awareness Campaign: SDGs and Agenda 2063 for Africa

On February 15, 2021, BKMC Program Officer Julia Zimmerman and Global Citizen Scholar 2020 Ruvimbo Samanga joined as speakers at the opening ceremony of “Goals Afrika Awareness Campaign: SDGs and Agenda 2063 for Africa.”

Goals Afrika is an international NGO based in South Africa and operational in 14 African countries, that is aiming to achieve sustainable development in the regions of Africa by promoting citizenship diplomacy. Together with Goals Afrika Co-founder and Permanent Secretary David Kasibante, Youth Advocate for Sustainable Development Deon Shekuza and UN Resident Coordinator Anthony Ohemeng-Boamah, BKMC Program Officer Julia Zimmerman and GC Scholar 2020 Ruvimbo Samanga joined for the opening ceremony of the campaign to discuss the SDGs, Agenda 2063 for Africa and the opportunities of instilling a ‘global citizen’ mindset and empowering women and youth for the realization of these ambitious agendas.

In her presentation, GC Scholar 2020 Ruvimbo Samanga emphasized that networks, financial funding, and partnerships are key enabling factors for women’s empowerment. 

“Education is the first stepping stone to empowering women” – Ruvimbo Samanga

She shared her personal journey with different women-led initiatives, the Rotaract Club, the UOOSA Space4Women + Space4Water and the Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship Program 2020. All of these opportunities helped enable her participation in the ICT sector and made it possible for her to contribute to the SDGs through projects like her SDG Micro-Project ‘AgriSpace’ which provides farmers in Zimbabwe with agricultural data through Satellite Technologies for sustainable farming.

BKMC Program Officer Julia Zimmerman’s presentation centered on the importance of adapting a “global citizen mindset” for the achievement of the SDGs and the value proposition of empowering youth and women as active shapers of our collective sustainable future. She emphasized that achieving both the SDGs and Agenda 2063 should not be viewed only as a challenge, but also as an incredible opportunity for African communities.

“Women and youth are our greatest resources for achieving a sustainable future for us all.” – Julia Zimmerman

Creating supportive networks and partnerships and empowering women and youth as global citizen leaders, are great opportunities to advance Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 in Africa. Julia also presented some examples of the BKMC’s work, including the Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship Program 2020 which produced outstanding SDG Micro-Projects led by six African changemakers, and the three online courses offered by the Centre on the SDGs, Global Citizenship and Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, which are all freely available on the website of the BKMC for interested individuals.


The Launch Campaign ended with an engaging Q&A and a call for more investment into women and youth in African countries.

Stay tuned for our next call for applications for the Global Citizen Scholarship Program 2021.

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