The ASEAN Youth for SDGs Webinar Series aims to  elevate the knowledge and skills of 33 ASEAN youth  representatives to effectively contribute to the SDGs,  take action,  and become SDG leaders in their communities.

The ASEAN Youth for SDGs Webinar Series is implemented in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and is funded by the Government of Japan.


The ASEAN youth representatives take part in a virtual webinar series under the umbrella of the UNODC’s Education for Justice (E4J) “Southeast Asian Youth Empowerment Dialogue”, focusing on the SDGs, Global Citizenship and SDG Micro-Project Implementation, and an interactive ideation session with group work and group presentations.  


At the margins of the Kyoto Crime Congress, the ASEAN youth representatives take part in a virtual side event, connecting them with experts and senior professionals to gain first-hand insights into the Kyoto Crime Congress and to highlight initiatives and projects that put the topics relevant to the Kyoto Crime Congress into practice. 


Over the course of a three-month period, the youth representatives receive guidance to plan an individual SDG Micro-Project that responds to local challenges in their region, particularly challenges related to justice and the rule of law


At the end of the Incubator Phase, each young leader submits an SDG Micro-Project Plan, as well as a video pitch otheir SDG Micro-Project.  Enjoy the illustrations* of each project in our virtual exhibition. 

*Illustrations by Kat J. Weiss


Album of Action

Summary Video 1: SDGs, Global Citizenship & SDG Micro-Project Implementation


On March 3rd, the first ASEAN Youth for SDGs Webinar kicked off. Founder of Teaspoons for Change d’Arcy Lunn & Ban Ki-moon Centre CEO Monika Froehler introduced the Sustainable Development Goals, global citizenship,  Education for Justice, and the SDG  micro-projects in the context of Rule of Law challenges.

Summary Video 2: The 14th UN Crime Congress in Kyoto in perspective 

On March 11, we brought the 14th UN Crime Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice to our 33 ASEAN youth delegates Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer at UNODC Billy Batware, BKMC Global Citizen Scholar 2020 Barbara Nakijoba & Asia Coordinator for United Network of Young Peacebuilders Mridul Upadhyay shared their insights on the Kyoto Declaration, crime prevention through youth empowerment & global networks for SDG 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Summary Video 3: SDG Micro-Project Ideation Workshop 

On March 17, CEO Monika Froehler and Program Officer Viola Christian kicked-started the SDG Micro-Project incubation phase with our 33 ASEAN youth delegates. They spotted challenges and suggested solutions related to the disruption of education in times of COVID-19, youth unemployment, the digital literacy gap in rural and urban areas, mental health, and inclusive growth. Now, it is time to plan their own SDG Micro Project.

Program Summary Video: ASEAN Youth for the SDGs

The ASEAN Youth for SDGs Webinar Series has been concluded, but we have got the most important highlights covered for you! Watch the video and get ready to be inspired to turn ideas into action!


ASEAN Youth for SDGs Webinar 1


ASEAN Youth for SDGs Side Event: 14th UN Crime Congress in Perspective