This project lead in partnership with the Muslim Youth of Austria (MJÖ) is focused on empowering young Muslim women who face barriers when seeking employment by pairing them with senior female professionals in various fields.


The mentorship program addresses SDG 5 “Gender Equality” and SDG 10 “Reduced Inequalities” and is conducted in partnership with the Muslim Youth of Austria (MJÖ). The program seeks to empower young Austrian Muslim women to become leaders in their respective fields and to achieve their career aspirations with the support of mentoring. Mentoring is particularly impactful for women coming from minority groups who face additional challenges when entering the workforce and advancing their careers in Austria.

The mentoring process targets Austrian Muslim women between the ages of 18-30 and includes three mentee seminars which focus on skill-building. As special emphasis is also placed on the notion of “Global Citizenship.” Participants are encouraged to think and act globally and to consider how their future work can contribute to the betterment of the planet for us all, leaving no one behind.


Currently, we are not accepting applications for the mentorship program. Follow our social media channels for updates on future opportunities.



Peer-To-Peer Learning

Mentees exchange ideas and experiences through peer-to-peer learning.

Capacity-Building for the SDGs

Mentees learn about Global Citizenship, the importance of the SDGs, and how to implement these topics in their fields of work. Additionally, mentees and their mentors complete a “SDG Micro-Project” together.

Professional Skill-building seminars

Three skill-building seminars are given during the mentoring process on different topics including Global Citizenship and Confidence in the Workplace.

Mentor-Mentee Sessions

Mentees and their mentors meet regularly over the course of the 6-month mentoring period. Mentors are also encouraged to include their mentees in events and networking opportunities


In 2019, the Ban Ki-moon Centre together with Muslim Youth Austria (MJÖ), conducted the first iteration of the mentoring project “Mentoring for Austrian Muslim Women – Global Citizens at Work”. 22 mentors and 22 mentees spent 6-months working together during the program. 22 SDG Micro-Projects were implemented.