The Online Executive Training – Young Women Leadership on Climate Adaptation is a virtual educational and capacity-building program that fosters the leadership of African young women to induce and realize sustainable solutions that build resilience to the changing climate by fostering knowledge on climate adaptation , elevating leadership skills  and connecting professional networks.

Hosted fully virtually on an exclusive online learning platform the part-time training program will spread over 20-weeks.

The participants will experience a blended learning approach combining group live sessions on Zoom and self-learning tools such as videos, audio recordings, text resources, links, quizzes and assignments.

About the Program


Core Knowledge about Gender-Sensitive Climate Adaptation

Leadership Capacity-Building

Project Management Coaching

Networking and Career Guidance


… to understand the global and local effects of climate change, know what climate adaptation is and how it is implemented in gender-sensitive ways.

…to develop an advanced skills set for confident and effective leadership.

…to gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively communicate about and advocate for climate adaptation.

…to know how to plan and propose gender-sensitive adaptation projects.

… to build confidence in pursuing a career in climate adaptation.

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