The BKMC’s mediation work focuses on supporting global peace efforts in particular engaging women in peace making processes worldwide.


Connecting for Inclusive Peace-Making

The BKMC was part of the inaugural meeting of regional women mediators’ networks in Oslo, Norway. The gathering brought together members from the Nordic Women Mediators NetworkFemWise-Africa, and the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network.

The event was key to increase the representation of women in peace and security processes. Watch the video on the importance of building a global network said by the women mediators is available online.

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The 2nd International Young Women Mediation Forum 

Young Women in Arts for Peace, Forum was attended by young women from around the world and speakers with different backgrounds in mediation, academia, and art. It looks at the role of creative tools in mediation and conflict transformation. The arts have demonstrated to be crucial tools in bringing the implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) closer to the community level, thereby helping to popularize it while contributing to peace consolidation.