First International Symposium on Youth Participation in Peace Processes

In 2019, The 1st International Symposium on Youth Participation in Peace Processes was hosted in Helsinki, Finland. 50 Young mediators from all over the world openly discussed the improvements needed in the participation of youth in operational and political aspects. The young peace builders presented recommendations for the policy change and how they can contribute. These recommendations were collected a research paper “We Are Here”. Read it here.

The Symposium was co-hosted with the generous support of the Governments of Finland, Qatar, and Colombia.

Collaborating with The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

The Ban Ki-moon Centre works closely with CTBTO on youth engagement in peace efforts. The Youth Forum on Global Citizenship and Youth Inclusion for the SDGs Peace and Security forum included an interactive panel discussion of young leaders who addressed the challenges they had faced to promote change and shared their insights about youth platforms that work to include young voices in the discussions.


The OSCE-wide Youth Forum

The OSCE-wide Youth Forum was held at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia on October 28-29th, 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Forum invited youth delegates from different countries to bring diverse perspectives to the discussions on the topics of education, new technology, peacebuilding, rule of law, environment and energy, and security and human rights.


“Partnering with Young People for Prevention: Sustaining Peace and Addressing Violence, Crime and Corruption”

Focusing on the role of young people as agents of peace and social change at the global, regional, national and local level. BKMC CEO Monika Froehler featured as a speaker at the first session on “The United Nations in Vienna: 40 years of Promoting Peace and Security.”

©  /  Georges Schneider - Vienna, Austria - 24.06.2019 - CTBT Science and Technology 2019 Conference, Hofburg Palace
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On the margins of the CTBT Science & Technology Conference, BKMC Board member Ambassador Kim Won-soo particiapted in a youth workshop. He gave advices to the CTBTO Youth Group members on how to actively get involved in a peacebuilding process and what are the most effective methods and strategies to make their voices heard and actions implemented.


The CTBTO Youth Group visited the Ban Ki-moon Centre to participate in a workshop moderated by CEO Monika Froehler on June 28th, 2019. Coming from all different countries, the young leaders gathered raised issues on the lack of education provided on the SDGs, lack of local, national and regional strategies for implementing the SDGs, and lack of acknowledgement of the notion of global citizenship or awareness on global issues such as climate change.