Between June 10-14, 2024, BKMC COO Katre Olmez joined over 3000 delegates and more than 360 speakers at the Global Sustainable Development Congress 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand to foster dynamic discussions on global sustainability challenges. Our COO featured on four panels, each focusing on a critical aspect of sustainability: leadership, green skills, education, and policy.

The first panel, “How do we collectively pursue the world’s biggest challenges?”, delved into effective cross-sector collaboration to address global crises. Our COO discussed promoting multi-knowledge cooperation and defining the vision necessary for a sustainable future. 

The second panel, “Building sustainable futures through education,” highlighted the role of universities in leading sustainable innovations. Discussions focused on incorporating impact into long-term strategies and balancing regional and global priorities to inspire broader societal commitment to the SDGs. 

In the third panel, “The promises and challenges of green skilling in a global context,” COO Olmez emphasized the importance of upskilling and reskilling the global workforce to meet sustainability targets. The session also addressed the role of higher education in engaging the youth in the green agenda. 

The fourth panel which was moderated by our COO, “The power of partnerships and policy: Overcoming the global teacher crisis,” tackled the urgent need to find 44 million more teachers by 2030. This session underscored the significance of policy-making and collaboration among universities, governments, and education providers to transform the teaching profession. 

Overall, the Congress allowed for great exchange on crucial topics as well as strengthening the BKMC network within the education sector as well as regional partnership building.

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