On September 24th, the BKMC participated in an SDG Marketplace event organized by the Directorate of Education of the City of Vienna. During the fair, a diverse selection of institutions presented their teaching and learning materials on the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly for students. The materials will be showcased throughout the year for teachers and students at the Bildungshub Vienna.

Info booths were provided by BAOBAB,  ÖKOLOGAmnesty International AustriaForum Umweltbildung, and the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna and BKMC.

The networking event highlighted the diverse SDG activities of the participating organizations and served to explore possible synergies in the implementation of the SDGs, particularly in the education sector.

City of Vienna Director of the Education Hub Mag. Heinrich Himmer and Co-Chair of the BKMC, Dr. Heinz Fischer emphasized the crucial role of schools as multipliers for the SDGs. Children and youth are the changemakers of tomorrow who must utilize the Agenda 2030 as a roadmap to navigate in the world and to solve its complex challenges.”

The newly launched interactive SDG wall, including an app, will serve as an instrument to educate students about the interconnectedness of the 17 goals.

Co-Chair Dr. Heinz Fischer and CEO Monika Fröhler addressed teachers and students in a video message, in which they highlighted the importance of the SDGs BKMC’s contribution notably the Centre’s three completely free online courses, the portfolio of SDG micro-projects prepared by the Centre’s various fellows and scholars and the SDG Resource Hub. More teaching and learning materials are available at Bildung2030