EVWA Council to formulate policy recommendations on “Access to land” to elevate the voices of women in agriculture.

On September 13th, the BKMC kicked off its second part of the Elevating the Voices of Women in Agriculture (EVWA) Campaign: the EVWA Council. We were honored to officially welcome 11 experts from academia, international organizations, NGOs, and governmental representatives who work in the fields of agriculture, food security, and women’s & youth empowerment.

Women are responsible for approximately 70% of food production in African countries, despite a gender productivity gap that results from reduced access to land, resources, and leadership. They are much less likely than men to own the land they cultivate or have control over how to use the land and its outputs. Looking at these intersectional challenges, the EVWA Council discussed barriers and enablers of equitable access to land. They will now continue the discussions to develop concrete recommendations that address the main challenges women smallholder farmers face.

This Council would not have been possible without the commitment of all its members to share their expertise and time. We thank each of them for elevating the voices of women in agriculture with us together. Meet our EVWA Council members here.