From May 31 – June 4, the 2021 cohort of BKMC Global Citizen Scholars (GC Scholars) attended an intensive 1-week summer school training on “African Cities in 2030” with the University of Bordeaux.

The training brought together a multi-disciplinary group of professors, young researchers, and practitioners to discuss challenges and opportunities related to creating sustainable cities and communities in Africa.

The challenges that were addressed by the training included: rapid urbanization within a context of limited economic growth, threats resulting from climate change, uncontrolled road traffic, and the expansion of polluting industries.

In addition to the lectures, the scholars were divided up into groups to work on specific challenges. 

GC Scholars Eedee-Bari Bawoh, David Aluga, and Bessy Thurania were assigned the role of a “government” addressing a “multilateral organization.”  In their case, they acted as the government of Kisumu City (Kenya) addressing the African Development Bank and presented a proposal for investing more in “Green Infrastructure and Spaces” in alignment with Kenya Vision 2030, the SDGs, and the African Green Growth Strategy. They proposed a multi-pronged solution including sensitizing and educating communities and leaders, planting trees, improving sanitation, and ensuring equitable and strategic distribution of green spaces.

GC Scholars Mercy Waweru, Gillian Ndlovu, and Tahirih Munji Kengne, were tasked with playing an “NGO” which was addressing the “Gates Foundation.” Their goal was to acquire funding for an initiative to provide garden sacks to improve nutrition and air quality in Bamako, Mali.

With the training as a foundation, the scholars will now seek to apply what they have learned to their own SDG Micro-Projects. Stay tuned for updates on our scholars and their projects!

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