“There is nothing we can do alone,” said Ban Ki-moon at the Youth & Leaders Summit 2020

“There is nothing we can do alone,”

said Ban Ki-moon delivered a keynote at the Youth & Leaders Summit 2020 under the theme of “Prospering in a Climate-Impacted Society” in Washington D.C. on January 20th.


“We have to realise that national boundaries do not mean much. We are all one together,” said Ban urging everyone: “Do not build walls but bridges” because “we are all global citizens.”

In this fifth edition of the Youth & Leaders Summit, Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) invited distinguished guest speakers and students to exchange and reflect on how our societies and communities may continue to prosper while facing important transformations due to climate change.

The speakers included BKMC Co-chair and The Elders Deputy Chair Ban Ki-moon, BKMC Board Member and SDSN Director Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Élisabeth Borne, Gina McCarthy, Thomas Friedman, Laurence Tubiana, Lakhdar Brahimi, Achim Steiner, Enrico Letta, and more.

During the afternoon session, Professor Sachs also delivered a keynote, reminding the students of Sciences Po of their key role:

“All of your thinking, planning and advocacy, all pathways that you design should follow the criteria of reaching zero net emission by mid-century.”

He shared his hopes for the role of young people in the fight against climate change:

“The mysteries on what to do are not that big actually – the big challenge is how to get it done.”

The YLSummit is a unique concept where both youth and current leaders discuss our society’s issues together. It is a platform where youth can engage, raise their own voice, and challenge the leaders.

Watch the recorded live stream of the Summit: https://vimeo.com/384774558
Learn more about the Summit: http://bit.ly/38eFza3
Photos by Youth & Leaders Summit