As a non-profit, quasi-international-organization, the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens has started to work on projects since its inauguration in January 2018. Currently the Centre is voluntarily funded by a variety of donors and supporters ranging from contributions by governments like Kuwait, Korea, Austria and the Netherlands, to the Alexander Bodini Foundation, private individuals and the private sector.

Project Cluster I – Global Engagement and Empowerment Forum
Co-organizing the Global Engagement and Empowerment Forum with Yonsei University every year in Korea, bringing together more than 2,000 young and experienced participants with a shared mindset of global citizenship and interested in furthering the causes of the SDGs. BKMC engages in Forum formats actively and also publishes material on Global Citizenship by drawing on lessons from the first and second Global Engagement and Empowerment Forum in Seoul (6-7 February 2018 and 14- 15 February 2019) and the engagements at the European Forum Alpbach Forum in 2018 and 2019 and other relevant high-level meetings and fora.

Project Cluster II – Instilling High-level Leadership for Peace
Facilitating and supporting the Ban Ki-moon Centre co-chairs´ “leadership interventions” inter alia on Climate Adaptation with GCA, Road Safety in East Africa with FIA, human disaster reporting with the IFRC, sustainable cities with Tsinghua university and the Future Consensus Institute, energy with the IEA, international symposia and colloquia with Ministries, academic institutions and international organizations on a variety of SDG relevant topics, constantly embedding the notion of global citizenship.

Project Cluster III – Educating & Empowering Youth and Women
Fostering Global Citizenship Education (GCED) by building an online portal on Global Citizens initiatives worldwide, continuing with the creation of free online courses on global citizenship and promoting them onlineorganizing and granting fellowships for young aspiring leaders with partner organizations such as Rotary and IOC and others, and therewith furthering the global citizenship education agenda in addition to hosting thematically specific workshops with UNESCO and UNESCO APCEIU on GCED.

Project Cluster IV – Catalyzing Advocacy
Engaging in advocacy and raising awareness about global citizenship, GCED, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), human rights and women´s rights globally and inter alia contributing to the creation of a  new composite SDG index, compatible with SDSN, Bertelsmannstiftung and Yonsei University research, specifically focusing on the Asian region etc.