Cluster III – Educating and Empowering Youth and Women

Timeline: March 2018 – February 2021

This Ban Ki-moon Centre cluster aims at educating and empowering youth and women. It will consist of several projects and will focus on global citizenship and youth empowerment. It will involve multi-stakeholder partners in both the public and private sectors including UNESCO, academic institutions, IOC Refugee Foundation, international and national development agencies, and business communities through Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Rotary International.

The first part of projects will involve the stock taking of existing global citizenship initiatives and the subsequent development of a series of online courses on global citizenship. In collaboration with academic institutions and platform partners such as Coursera and K-MOOC, the Ban Ki-moon Centre will develop a series of courses on global citizenship over the next three years. The Centre will also create an all-inclusive portal with information on global citizenship initiatives worldwide that will serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to grow as global citizens.

The second part of projects will aim to provide educational training and leadership development opportunities to youth and women in situations of urgent need, including refugee camps. The Centre will collaborate with business communities to facilitate scholarships, in-person workshops, mentoring young people to grow as community leaders and global citizens for peace.

The third part of the project with focus on developing a deeper understanding of the links between education and various forms of effective and responsible political engagement by youth as global citizens. In partnership with UNESCO, the Centre will propose an effective guidance for teachers to empower students to undertake effective and responsible forms of engagement with political implications, clarifying the skills and competencies schools should provide.

Photo: Johnny Vacar at 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters