The 2nd International Young Women Mediation Forum takes place under the theme of art and peace in Nairobi

The 2nd International Young Women Mediation Forum organized by International Center for Peace, Human Rights and Development (IPHRD-Africa) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is taking place from January 27th to January 30th, 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya. Under the theme of “Young Women in Arts for Peace,” the Forum is attended by 27 young women from around the world and speakers with different backgrounds in mediation, academia, and art. It looks at the role of creative tools in mediation and conflict transformation. The arts have demonstrated to be crucial tools in bringing the implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) closer to the community level, thereby helping to popularize it while contributing to peace consolidation. Attending the Forum as a guest speaker, BKMC COO Katrin Harvey presented on the status of and need for increased youth participation in peace processes and shared recommendations in relevance to the “We Are Here” paper.
Here are some recommendations for how to effectively foster young women’s mediation: 1️⃣ Around the room: dialogue via committees, youth-specific consultations, funding and technical support, capacity building for/with youth, inclusive programs, youth as partners for implementation, etc. 2️⃣ Outside the room: establishing a protected, enabling environment, making use of social media and digital diplomacy, etc. The Forum aims at bridging the gap between formal and informal processes for conflict prevention and mediation in the efforts to enhance young women’s inclusion in mediation, and other peace processes. The Forum is further designed to promote young women’s enhanced inclusion and to raise awareness about the importance of the arts in the field of peace and security more specifically to mediation. The Forum will further provide a platform for peer to peer experience sharing between young women active in peacebuilding in different contexts, more particularly in mediation, as well as to provide a platform to discuss their experiences and the use of art to promote Peace. Learn more: © IPHRD-Africa

Co-chairman Ban Appointed as Honorable Chairman of the Special Music & Art Festival

The Special Music & Art Festival 2018 organized by Special Olympics Korea kicked off on August 7th in Korea, attracting 130 artists from all over the world, who have developmental disabilities. The Ban Ki-moon Centre’s Co-chair Ban Ki-moon was appointed as Honorable Chairman of the festival. At the inaugural ceremony, Honorable Chairman Ban said that he sees how valuable it is to give help where it is needed through the festival and that he will deeply ponder what to do in order to make the festival accessible so that many more artists with developmental disabilities can participate. The festival aims
  • to make an international hub of cultural exchange between musicians with developmental disabilities;
  • to bring confidence to performers by providing them with music lessons;
  • to encourage and support participants from developing countries so that the spirit of Special Olympics can be spread out;
  • to bring up mutual understandings between the participants with and without disabilities.
This year, the 5-day festival consists of music lessons, mini-Special Olympics, and various forms of concerts, including an open-stage concert for anyone who wants to perform.   For more info: