Amb. Friedrich Stift, Amb. LI Xiaosi, and Prof. Gerd Kaminski visits BKMC

On January 8th, 2019, Co-chair Heinz Fischer and CEO Monika Froehler of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens welcomed Ambassador Friedrich Stift of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing, Ambassador LI Xiaosi of the Chinese Embassy in Vienna, and Professor Gerd Kaminski of the University of Vienna to the Centre.

The Ambassadors and former President of the Republic of Austria discussed ways to develop the international relations between Austria and China and to achieve sustainable development under the consultancy of the Professor. Professor Kaminski is a Chinese affairs consultant to the Austrian Foreign Ministry who has also been the head of the Austro-Chinese society since 1971 and of Boltzmann institute for Chinese and southeast Asian research in Vienna since 1978.


Iranian delegation visits the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

On November 8th, 2018, a delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including Dr. Kamal Kharazi, Head of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, and Ambassador Ebadollah Molaei of the Iranian Embassy in Vienna visited the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens. Dr. Kharazi, who is also former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the delegation spoke to Co-chair Heinz Fischer and CEO Monika Froehler about the international status of Iran and foreign policies.