Ban Ki-moon speaks at the 2019 Global Infrastructure Cooperation Conference (GICC)

On September 3rd, Co-Chair Ban Ki-moon gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 2019 GICC held in Seoul.

In his speech, Co-Chair Ban Ki-moon highlighted the environmental aspects must be considered when promoting the development of the infrastructure industry in order to improve the quality life and respond to climate change.

“The construction industry accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption and generates more than 39% of the world’s greenhouse gases,” he explained.

“The infrastructure industry has a huge impact on climate change, which also gives a big responsibility for the construction industry.”

In addition, he said that while infrastructure development improves the quality of life for our humanity, the development of infrastructure industry is also bringing in side effects that melt glaciers and threaten biodiversity due to climate change such as global warming.

“Government and construction industry should cooperate in building a sustainable infrastructure. Sustainable development and climate change are not possible only with the help of government and international organizations. Partnerships that are closely coordinated by leaders, such as organizations, are important as well.”

Hence, Co-chair Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of cooperation among diverse entities and experts on the urgent task of climate change.

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