“Human beings sometimes forgive, but nature never forgives,” says Ban Ki-moon at Stanford

“Human beings sometimes forgive, but nature never forgives,” said Ban Ki-moon

as he was giving a speech on the topic of “Multilateralism in a Turbulent World” at Stanford University on April 19th, 2019.

“The world is going through pronounced changes,” he said, regarding the current state of climate change. Ban stressed that there needs to be more action taken to prevent and/or adapt to climate change, and the necessity of the global citizen responsibility — specifically that of the youth and women — is paramount.

“The challenges we face are simply too numerous to be left in the hands of a few leaders,” said Ban, encouraging the audience to act as global citizens.

He also expressed optimism about the Paris Agreement that was implemented at the end of his term and disappointment in the current US government’s decision to withdraw from it. Ban called for further collaboration between the US and China in addressing climate change.

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The Centre’s Co-chair Ban Ki-moon speaks at the first Munhwa (Cultural) Future Report Forum

The Centre’s Co-chair Ban Ki-moon delivered a speech on human evolution and AI (artificial intelligencerevolution at the Munhwa (Cultural) Future Report held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul, Korea. The first forum of the Munhwa Future Report was hosted by Munhwa Ilbo to clear misunderstandings about AI and to provide a framework for mutual understanding of future developments.

Munhwa Future Report is a forum for intellectual exchanges and conversations over urgent global issues such as increasing threats and conflicts against world peace, population aging and decreasing growth potential, the technological big bang and environmental issues, seeking for what Korea should and can do for a better future.

Other featured speakers were Professor Max Tegmark of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor Dae-shik Kim of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Professor Stuart Russell of UC Berkeley, Tony Lee, Committee Member of the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution, Founder/CEO Kevin Song of Future Robot Co., Professor Jerry Kaplan of Stanford University, Professor Jae-sik Choi of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), and Founding CEO Jin-hyung Kim of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI).

Source: http://mfr.munhwa.com/eng
Photos:  Munhwa Ilbo