Co-chair Heinz Fischer joins meadow talks with young global citizens at the European Forum Alpbach!

On August 25th, Co-chair Heinz Fischer and Mrs. Margit Fischer of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens had the pleasure of speaking to young scholars of the European Forum Alpbach (EFA), including the members of Club Alpbach Vorarlberg and Club Alpbach Steiermark.

Co-chair Fischer shared his experiences as a former President of Austria as well as the vision and mission of the Ban Ki-moon Centre with the young scholars. He emphasized on the importance of empowering youth in approaching global issues and tackling the challenges with a global citizenship mindset.

The EFA is an extraordinary forum that provides a comfortable, natural atmosphere for people, regardless of their background, age, expertise, etc., to meet with others from all over the world and freely share their thoughts and knowledge. The gathered participants also enjoyed listening to a live music performance.

Ⓒ BKMC / Eugenie Berger