Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

Vienna, Austria

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Monika Froehler

Chief Executive Officer – She/Her

Monika Froehler is CEO of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens and is a passionate change maker, advocate, founder and speaker. She was entrusted to create the BKMC after working at the UN in Geneva, NY and Vienna, the EU, the Austrian Foreign Ministry and in field missions around the globe. She is passionate about the implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement. Throughout her career she managed to support hundreds of women, young people and communities all over the globe e.g. working in Africa and Latin America to ban landmines; working to improve hospital care in rural Central Asia and Africa; assisting in eco-friendly city planning in Asia and bettering the living conditions of women in the Middle East and West-Africa.

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Katrin Harvey

Chief Operating Officer – She/Her

Katrin Havey has over a decade’s experience in sustainability, climate change, clean energy and organizational management. Having lead business development, strategic growth and communications at REEEP, she combines her academic backgrounds in language studies and international development to enhance the impact of non-profit organizations. With her track record of project management in Africa and Asia, focussing on capacity building, market development and public-private dialogue she has been successful in creating lasting results in empowering local communities. Her focus has been on sustainability in agri-food value chains and in managing international knowledge exchange amongst experts in energy efficiency, energy regulation and international law.

Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens
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Jessica Besch

Executive Assistant to Dr. Heinz Fischer & Program Officer – She/Her

As a Luxemburgish citizen with Hungarian roots, Jessica speaks five languages, a tool with immense relevance for transnational communication. She has an academic background in Sociology and International Relations and specialized in the human rights abuses against women and youth in violent conflicts. Jessica started working within the framework of the SDGs as an intern at our partner organizations UNESCO and IACA and gained first diplomatic experience working for the Austrian EU-Presidency. As a board member of Women in International Security Austria, she is working towards gender equality in the fields of conflict resolution, humanitarian affairs and economic development.

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Katharina Choe

Program, Communications & Media Intern – She/Her

Katharina Choe is a young professional passionate about women’s rights issues. Born Austrian-Korean, she strives to combine her ethnic identities and interest in diverse cultures with her academic and professional life. Her academic background is in Korean Studies, International Business Administration, and Human Rights; specialized in the impact of gender-based violence. As a trainee at the Council of the European Union, she gained professional experience in promoting gender equality, work-life balance, diversity, and inclusion in the workspace. As a feminist and global citizen at heart, she advocates women’s quota in decision-making positions, destigmatizing period education and mental health issues, as well as sustainable consumption. At the beginning of her professional career, she wishes to contribute to a tolerant, inclusive, and sustainable future for all.

Portrait Viola Christian, Oktober 2019 in Wien
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Viola Christian

Program Officer – She/Her

Viola Christian is a sustainable development professional driven to innovate and lead initiatives that empower individuals and communities through education, advocacy, and cooperation. Working as Program Officer at the BKMC, Viola is committed to creating impactful opportunities for women and youth to thrive as global citizens. Previously, Viola applied and developed her change-maker skills in the intergovernmental sphere on EU level, the private and social enterprise sector, and within the NGO scene. During her diplomatic and academic training at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and University of Munich, Viola was continuously dedicated to shedding light on the overlooked in an effort to leave no one behind. With her love for multi-lingual, intercultural communication, Viola is gifted at building partnerships in international and multi-stakeholder settings.


Daho Lee

IT Consultant – She/Her

Daho Lee is a Korean American national who has been living in Vienna since 2003. She worked as a video producer and web developer for travel agencies alongside her bachelor’s studies in informatics and Korean studies. Her passion for Global Goals and travelling has led her to participate in sustainable architecture college projects as a technical advisor in the Netherlands. She has since worked as a designer, video editor and web developer at the cultural department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Knowing what it means to be a global citizen and being aware of the importance of proactively striving for global equity and sustainable development, Daho hopes to contribute to the same goal and mission of the Ban Ki-moon Centre with her skills and abilities as an independent consultant.

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Katre Olmez

Communications & Media Officer – She/Her

Katre Olmez is a creative communications professional with experience in the startup and NGO ecosystem. She holds both Turkish and British citizenship and can speak four languages. Passionate about diversity and cultures, she has lived in 5 countries and has travelled to more than 20. Her academic background is in International Affairs and Asian Studies; specializing in social entrepreneurship as a source of development. Starting her career at Endeavor, an international NGO enabling entrepreneurs, she worked on mentoring programs, workshops, and international outreach projects such as Global Entrepreneurship Week. Later on, living in Cambodia, she ran her own business in the gastronomy industry. Now, continuing her career in Vienna, she is dedicated to using her diverse skillset for the promotion of social empowerment and sustainable global movements.

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Max Veulliet

Administrative Assistant – he/him

Max Veulliet holds the French as well as the German citizenship and grew up in the Austrian mountains. His strive for climate justice has brought him to study Geography and Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy. He holds a masters degree in the latter. Besides tackling the climate crisis, he interested in combatting global inequality as well as empowering women and youth around the world. This makes him an ideal co-worker in the Ban Ki-moon Centre’s ambition to push the agenda of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development goals. Professionally, he could gather experiences in the renewable energy sector of South Africa and did multiple internships in public relations and project management.

Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens
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Julia Zimmerman

Program Officer – She/Her

Julia Zimmerman is an American national who has been living in Vienna since 2013. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in California, Julia moved to Vienna to work and complete her Master’s degree in International Relations. During her career, Julia has worked as a teacher, journalist and with the international NGO CARE on a project to end child marriage occurring in Nepal and Bangladesh. As a journalist, Julia has had articles published on In Depth News, SDGs for All, and East West Institute on topics related to gender equality, empowerment and security. She is a dedicated advocate and member of the V-Day movement to end gender-based violence globally, organizing events both in the USA and abroad.