Heinz Fischer

Co-chair of the BKMC
11th President of the Republic of Austria (2004 – 2016)


Dr. Heinz Fischer, 11th President of the Republic of Austria (2004 – 2016), has had an extensive career as a senior representative and policy maker of the Republic of Austria. As Federal Minister of Science and Research and as speaker of the Austrian National Assembly for more than 12 years, Dr. Fischer was involved extensively in supporting and advancing the country´s scientific, social, and cultural development. He was re-elected in 2010 and retired in July 2016, after more than 40 Years in public office and two terms as Federal President. As of 2018, he holds the position as Co-Chairman of the BKMC and is actively advocating for the SDGs and women’s rights. In June 2016 Heinz Fischer was named president of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centers. Since September 2016 he occupies the position as president of the Austrian Society for Chinese Studies and as of January 2017, he is president of the Board of the Institute for Human Sciences

After completing two terms as head of state Dr. Fischer was teaching as professor for political science at the University of Innsbruck and was proclaimed Chairman of the Council for the Commemorative Year 2018 by the Federal Government of Austria.

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