The year 2020 marked the beginning of impactful cooperation between the Bildungsdirektion Wien (The Directorate of Education of Vienna) and the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, working towards the implementation of the SDGs in Viennese schools. Ever since as a part of our mandate with various partners, we aim to promote and enhance education for the SDGs among young people. We advocate the crucial role of youth play in achieving the 2030 Agenda. Cooperation among civil society, academic institutions, educators, activists, international organizations, and much more is needed to fully enshrine and integrate the SDGs on every level. In this regard, we partake in local and international competitions on the SDGs, expert group visits to schools, partnerships with youth empowerment organizations and much more.

What has happened?

Collaboration with Wertvoll & Tatkräftig

On 13 October 2022, BKMC Co-chair Heinz Fischer delivered a keynote address at the opening ceremony of wertvoll&tatkräftig (translated: valuable&active), an initiative laying the focus on solidarity and social responsibility in Austrian schools by the Erzbischöfliches Amt für Schule und Bildung during the school year 2022/23. In this regard, the BKMC will also deliver interactive workshops on the SDGs with the aim of engaging students and creatively exploring our current global challenges and why and how the SDGs can serve as a roadmap for a better future for all.

Collaboration with Caritas

Since October 2022, the BKMC and Caritas Volunteer Service work together with the objective to create and share knowledge in areas related to peace, poverty eradication, empowerment of youth and women, justice, and human rights worldwide, in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement 

Collaboration with Bildungsdirektion

On 18 June, the BKMC organized an online event to kick-off its partnership with the Bildungsdirektion (Directorate of Education) in Vienna. The virtual event saw the participation of over 80 teachers and directors from most primary and secondary schools in Vienna, creating room for discussion about the SDGs, the challenges of and opportunities for integrating the 17 global goals into school curricula. Co-chair Heinz Fischer explains our new initiative to integrate the SDGs into Viennese curricula.

Our partners

The „Bildungsdirektion” for Vienna, the Education Directorate responsible for all schools in Vienna, opened in September 2020 the BildungsHub, which serves as an exhibition space for the SDGs, where school classes can explore best-practice projects by their peers.

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The core mission of Caritas is to see need and act. And standing up for those people who don’t have a voice. This means respecting and protecting human life from beginning to end and helping people in need, regardless of their origin, religion or gender. Voluntary commitment is an important pillar of Caritas work

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“Wertvoll & tatkraftig” – “Valuable & active” is the title of the dedicated initiative for solidarity and social responsibility that the Education Authority of the Archdiocese of Vienna has launched for the current school year 2022/23. The initiative, which is aimed at school students and is under the patronage of Cardinal Schönborn.

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